When it comes to resident we put extra efforts just to make our houses perfectly designed and well furnished. For that we need someone’s assistance or guidance just to give perfect touch to our very own house. We get a bit under pressure if we are having property in a posh area where everything needs a designer touch just for that we Grapevine Tx Roofing Pro company work for. Just for reminder we are not new to this we have firmly set our feet in this field from many years. So build up your trust upon will make it easy. At GrapevineTxRoofingPro is full service residential building contractor. When you are investing your money in housing you make sure about your money to don’t go waste as it’s the long term investment.

As for residential roofing we have many options to select. These are given as below

Wood shakes and cedar shingles :- Wood shake shingles considered to be environment friendly if they are to be made with recycled wood. On an average they have long life of 30 years or more. Material is extracted from pine, redwood and cedar trees. Shakes are taken from logs and shape is given by the manufacturers. Woods shakes are uniformly thick sawn on both sides and have even taper. Cedar shingles are pressure bearers and chemical preservatives. These shingles is less susceptible to moss growth.

Gabled roofs :- These type of roofs are also called pitched or peaked roof. Basically these roofs looks like a triangle where a portion of a wall between the edges of intersecting pitches. Each portion of the house has its own triangular shape roof. Under this type there are further types box, dutch and cross gable roofs.

Composite or asphalt shingles :- This is considered under the most popular section. Three tab shingles composed of fiberglass mat topped with asphalt and mineral granules. It comes with the warranty of 20 to 30 years. The good thing is they are easy to replace. In whole most of the people prefer this type of roofing.

So above are some types of roofs in which @GrapevineTxRoofingPro deals leaves you without any doubt. Make us a part for a change you want in your house.