We invest in the best possible house for us. We invest in a roof that is strong and stands tall against all weather conditions, no matter how extreme. Rains are the most common and frequent of the weather phenomena that your roof is subjected to. Rainwater, if not channeled appropriately to drainage point, may prove hazardous to the strength and longevity of your roofing system. That’s where gutter systems and downspouts come into play. Often while making houses, people tend to overlook the importance of proper drainage gutter systems, so much so that it’s the very last item on their to-install list. But this shouldn’t be the case. Gutters employ the concept of slant height to guide the roof runoff water to the drainage point, thereby saving your roofing system and walls from possible erosive damage. The overall material gets washed away or gathers dirt when wet. So it is crucial to get a systematic gutter system installed to avoid the damage.

Gutter Systems Are Of Two Types:- K-Type:- This type of gutters are shaped like a crown moulding at their cross section, thereby providing comparatively greater holding capacity for greater volume of water. This type of gutters are found in almost all modern homes and are a good choice for houses in the regions where there are frequent rains.

Though needing a little installation effort and maintenance, this type of gutters are quite sturdy due to their structure.

Half Round Tube:- This type of gutters come in semi-cylindrical tubes that are most commonly found in historic houses. Though they have less water holding capacity and are suited for houses situated in areas of occasional light rainfall, these are easy to install and are a good option for a budget constraint.

Gutters are made of a variety of materials. The most inexpensive and flexible being PVC gutters, which are very commonly used. These are also easy to install and assemble. The second is a more sturdy and lightweight aluminum. Another popular material choice for half-round tube gutters is copper. The advantage here is the acquisition of shiny patina over time. Another more sturdy option is cast iron gutters, which need occasional painting for maintenance.

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