Sample this: A nice house out in the suburbs. A cozy and strong finish from the inside. What’s missing? Sure we take into account all the things that make your interiors look great. But what truly makes your house welcoming is the exterior curb appeal. And why not? A complete home must have comfortable exteriors that become a companion for a sun bath in winters or just a magnanimous host for a dinner party in summers. Yes, we are talking about your deck, or patio. And it’s important to have the best. And to have the best, you must hire a contractor that knows how to deliver the best.

We @GrapevineTxRoofingPro company are the leading patio installation and repair contractors that provide affordable and high-end services. We specialise in exterior structure installation, repair and remodeling. In exteriors category, we cover the following facets:

Deck installation and Repair: We provide premium deck, fence repair and installation services to our customers as per their space and style needs. Decks come in various types. The first is the traditional pressure treated wooden deck that gives your house a homely feel. Although the pressure treated wood stays for a long time, but it needs painting and high maintenance as it is susceptible to damage in rough weather especially hail and storm conditions. Next is the PVC deck. The material is lightweight, affordably cheap and quite easy to install. Fixing it is also quite easy is and it is resistant to harsh climate as well. Next comes composite deck made of a mixture of the above two. Very durable, easy to install and maintain, this has become the first choice of modern homes. At Grapevine Tx Roofing Pro Company, whether it is a full fledge patio that you need or just a simple structure for a fresh look to your exteriors, we will deliver all projects quickly and efficiently. Weather has gone rough on you? Dont worry. Our services come insured so that your investment is safe. We will fix each and every patchwork seamlessly. Just get in touch with us and get the best services that your house deserves.

Fence installation and Repair: Another important component of house exterior that often gets overlooked is the fence. Now with houses going modern day-by-day the fences have also gone more stylish and advanced. Fences come in many types. The traditional wooden fence, aluminium, wrought iron, electric and many more. We @GrapevineTxRoofingPro company make sure that you get the best fence that suits your personal style and accentuates your curb appeal. We have acquired the best techniques in fence installation. We deal in all types of fences. We understand your security needs, which is why we will ensure you get the strongest structure realised on your property. Our team of experts will deliver quality at prices that will barely brush against your pocket.

And if your fence needs any type of repair, our team is available for the quickest resolution of your problems.

To know more, get in touch with us. Call us or drop us a mail for a free estimate/survey. Cheers!!