How do I know if my fence needs to be repaired or replaced?

Many homeowners have the question in mind whether they need to repair their fence or either replace it. Further, the homeowners start comparing the cost involved in Grapevine fence repair and fence replacement.

Comparatively, fence repair in Grapevine, Texas involves less cost as compared to fence replacement at least on a short term basis. On the other hand, sometimes fence replacement is considered as a better choice. This is because the fence may have worn out and perhaps it would need extensive repairs regularly.

So, in this blog, we would be discussing if your fence needs to be repaired or replaced. Based on that, you can make a decision to repair or replace your fence. Besides this, make sure that you hire a reputed fence company in Grapevine, Texas such as Grapevine TX Roofing Pro for fence repair or replacement.

  • Age

If a fence is constructed in the right way, then it can easily last for 20 years and beyond. But, you should keep in mind that the materials of the fence deteriorate over a period of time. On the other hand, if the fence is installed not so long ago, then there is a considerable chance that it can be repaired.

However, if your fence is older than 20 years, then you should rather consider fence replacement rather than fence repair.

  • Damage extent

Once you examine the damage in your fence, look for the things that have been damaged. It can be anything such as broken rails, pickets or posts. The picket and rail damage can be repaired quite easily.

On the other hand, if the post has been damaged, then the affected posts need to be replaced and thus increasing the repair time and cost. So, if you notice damage of 20% or more in the fence, consider replacing it completely.

  • Splitting boards

Splitting boards is an easy sign which indicates that your fence is beyond the repair. Even in the condition, if the fence is standing upright or if it is looking sound structurally, board damage which ideally indicates that the fence has become aged and it would need replacement.

The splitting boards indicate that the fence has become weak and it is likely that it will fall soon. Besides this, it also makes the fence quiet dangerous and the best thing that you can do is to replace it as soon as possible.  

  • Aesthetics

While this may not affect the functionality of your fence, but it is definitely worth considering especially if you need a uniform-looking fence in your property. If you opt for fence repair, then you would have to use new rails, posts, and pickets which may not match with your existing fence materials.

It is obviously less of an issue but there would be a significant difference in the new and old materials. So, it is better to opt for a fence replacement if you want to have a uniform look across your fence.

Final Verdict

As a fence owner, it is you who would have to decide whether to opt for fence repair or fence replacement. At Grapevine TX Roofing Pro our aim is to serve our customers with excellence. We hope that this blog was informative and perhaps help you out in your decision making.

Besides this, if you live in and around the grapevine, Texas area, then do get in touch with us for fence repair as well as fence replacement and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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